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D.C. Cox's Cheesehead Teslathon 2007 10/15/07
Ed Wingate's RATCB Teslathon 2006 03/03/07
D.C. Cox's Cheesehead Teslathon 2005 11/01/05
Ed Wingate's RATCB Teslathon 2005 09/19/05
Pyromania 12/18/04
The Geek Group's Halloween Teslathon 2004 11/28/04
D.C. Cox's Cheesehead Teslathon 2004 09/08/04
Ed Wingate's RATCB Teslathon 2004 09/07/04
Carl Sandburg High School 25 Year Reunion 07/20/04
A Day At The Races 07/02/04
Night shots of work on my street 01/15/04
My Tesla Coil at RATCB Teslathon 2003 12/31/03
RATCB Teslathon 2003 09/30/03
Cheesehead Teslathon 2003 09/13/03
Teslathons 09/13/03

Tesla Coils


River Rafting


Devil's Lake

The Grand Canyon

A Day At The Races

Night shots of work on my street

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*** elgooG (Google Mirror, Literally) ***

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